• if she builds it, she will play: goldieblox

    If my dad were alive to see his 8-year-old granddaughter, I think he’d be impressed. This is one kid who does not shy away from math or science, and if there’s a problem that needs solving, she’s your girl. For all I know, she may one day follow in his footsteps and wind up as an engineer. And considering that we’ve all been hearing about the shortage of female mathematicians and scientists, this would be a most welcome accomplishment. If you know any future math majors who happen to be of the female persuasion, and you’re looking for something to encourage their complex thinking, pay close to attention to a new toy line that’s getting a lot of buzz–and with good reason. GoldieBlox is a book + construction toy series that encourages girls ages 5-9 to roll up their sleeves and get down to work. The play starts out simple–reading the stories of Goldie, a fictional young girl who sets out on adventures with her friends–but the fun builds (literally) from there. As each story progresses, the characters encounter various problems that can only be resolved by building alongside Goldie. GoldieBlox comes with a kid-friendly toolbox of gears, connectors and tops in the likeness of Goldie’s crew–plenty of supplies for busy minds (and future engineers). MIT, here she comes. (GoldieBlox is available for pre-order online and is expected to roll into retail stores by April 2013.)

    In a Nutshell: Looking for a gift for the young girl in your life? This book/construction kit combo offers plenty of hands-on play. Problem solved.


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