• functional fruit: dr. brown’s coolees soothing teethers

    Cutting those first teeth has got to be one of the more painful experiences for a new baby–not to mention the mom who’s suffering alongside her. When I was a kid, my childhood doctor told my mom that an adult, much less a helpless infant, couldn’t bare the excruciating pain. Back in the good old days, a simple silver spoon fresh from the freezer worked in a pinch. Today, moms’ choices for babycare woes are much more plentiful. We’re especially taken with one of the new Dr. Brown’s teethers, just launched this week at ABC Kids Expo, one of the country’s largest baby products trade shows. You may recognize the Dr. Brown’s name from his award-winning line of bottles, and this is one doc who understands his little patients’ needs. Not only is the Coolees Soothing Teethers line eye-catching (your baby will be more than willing to chomp on this brightly-colored watermelon), but its design is perfect for little hands. The squishy green “rind” is easy to grasp, while the red “fruit” center is textured with plenty of space to gnaw on. The best part? No seeds to contend with.

    In a Nutshell: Teething is no fun. Treat your baby to one of these fruit-tastic teethers for instant relief, and give her something to smile about.


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