• fantasy friend: cuddleuppets

    My 4-year-old’s favorite time of day is undoubtedly the afternoon. After a fun-filled morning at preschool, lunch and (hopefully) some outdoor play, she’s content to hunker down in her room for a while and settle in with her stuffed animals. I’m not rushing her off to be somewhere, so her mind is free to wander. It’s during these moments, the experts say, that kids get to “be kids” and when their imagination really takes shape. For those with an active fantasy life, but who also need to recharge their batteries with a little down time, comes CuddleUppets, a 2-in-1 plush toy that’s as fun on the go as it is for naps or bedtime. We’ve seen other soft travel toys, but none that is as generously sized as this line. Each machine-washable CuddleUppet features an animal head large enough to double as a pillow, with a blanket body that provides plenty of coverage for a sleeping tot. It makes for a perfect traveling companion that can easily stow away when you’ve reached your final destination. And even when you’re not in transit, this toy is just as appealing at home. After all, imagination knows no bounds.

    In a Nutshell: Yes, you can take it with you. Available in eight different styles, including Magic Unicorn (shown here), these plush pals are travel-ready and snuggle-friendly.

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