• this won’t hurt a bit: doc mcstuffins time for your check-up doll

    I don’t know what my 4-year-old likes more: watching Disney’s “Doc McStuffins,” or emulating the main character. Right after watching an episode, she opens up her pretend pet vet kit, grabs an unsuspecting plush pal and sets up shop. (Luckily, our cat has yet to enlist as a patient.) I can’t say I’m surprised, as the animated TV show that stars the pint-sized physician has already made quite a name for itself with the preschool crowd. It gives kids their daily dosage of cute (how adorable is Lambie?), while delivering a parent-approved message of staying healthy. So when Toys R Us came out with its list of top toys for this year’s holiday shoppers, we knew Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check-up Doll would make the cut. We were able to get our hands on an early release sample, and let’s just say we don’t think Doc fans will be disappointed. Looking like she stepped right out of the TV and into your living room, the wide-eyed Doc dons her signature white coat, along with her magical stethoscope. Much to the delight of our resident preschooler, this tender-hearted dolly talks and sings as she takes care of her patients (wouldn’t it be great if all medical professionals could follow her lead?) Bonus: the endearing Lambie (one of McStuffin’s ensemble) makes a compliant companion as she “responds” to Doc’s thorough check-up of ears, heart and temperature. Be sure to keep plenty of lollipops on hand for your own resident M.D.

    In a Nutshell: The doctor is definitely in. Bound to be a favorite on this year’s Christmas wish list, this Doc McStuffins doll practices good medicine and makes house calls.

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