• mother tongue: big bang boom’s because i said so!

    Dissonance. It’s become one of my favorite words lately, especially when explaining to my 8-year-old why the sound of her voice by day’s end causes my brain “to do funny things. It’s kind of like when your father blasts Sleater-Kinney on his iPod and I cover my ears.” She gets what I’m saying, without taking too much offense. In the realm of kiddie music, the just-released “Because I Said So!” is the antithesis of dissonance. It’s filled with songs designed for my kids’ listening ears that I don’t mind hearing myself. And if you’re a parent with kids who don’t yet own their own iPods, you know that one’s of the highest compliments we can pay a musician. This trio of rockin’ dads must have the magic touch when it comes to creating a unique sound that mixes a variety of sounds and styles, from rock to country. The result are tunes with a vibrant, fresh sound, and one that doesn’t have me reaching for the Advil. Fresh out the of the gate, the first track’s “Green Light” had us all fired up and ready for more. We really liked “I Can Sing,” giving a special nod to individuality” and of course, the title track just because it forces us to realize that the apple indeed does not fall far from the tree. Hmmm…does that mean my daughter will someday be reminding me about dissonance? Guess it’s good preparation for those teenage years.

    In a Nutshell: Get ready to rock out with a kid CD so adult-friendly, you may just find yourself coveting it after preschool drop-off.

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