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    This summer, my 8-year-old was particularly fascinated by an older girl in her acting class who changed her hair color nearly every week. First it was green, then blue and finally back to her natural brown. While my daughter wouldn’t admit to it, the very notion of having your hair resemble a color of the rainbow was intriguing to her. (Little does she know that back in the day, her own father dyed his hair fire-engine red…but that’s a story for another time.) All of this talk of hair color got me to thinking that experimenting with her looks couldn’t be that far off. I guess that’s why Fashion Angels’ new Color Rox Hair Chox has become a big hit with tween girls. This temporary hair color kit lets not-so-little girls play out their fantasy of what it might be like to be a redhead–or a blue head, for that matter (if such a thing exists). Moms won’t have to agonize over the idea of this change being a permanent one, nor will it have even the most beauty-challenged parent (here, here) scratching her head over perplexing how-tos. In fact, with little adult supervision, young girls can take on these relatively straightforward instructions themselves. Each kit comes with five color chox stems (purple, pink, blue, orange and green), applicator grips (for keeping those unruly locks in place) and plenty of accessories for dressing up your new look: 24 beads and 24 rubber bands. So whether it’s a first-time coloring for a special occasion or an activity for a birthday party, Color Rox Hair Chox totally rocks!

    In a Nutshell: Tweens looking to express themselves–or who simply want to add a little color to their lives–will love mixing up their beauty routing with this temporary hair coloring kit.

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