• frosty feathered friends: wild birds bird food feeders

    As the first leaves over our pond slowly begin to show hints of red, I’ve been noticing more of the local wildlife anticipating the coming change in seasons. Squirrels that have scampered playfully these last few months are suddenly scampering to gather nuts (yes, already!), while the Canadian geese have returned to claim their share of the pond waters. It won’t be long before all the trees are dressed in a rich palette of reds, oranges and yellows and, dare I say, the first snowflakes decide to fall. Because my family delights in watching these changes in nature take place, we try to do our part in caring for our fellow “friends”–and that includes those of the feathered variety. If you think birdwatching/bird-feeding is…well, for the birds, then consider a creative way to keep your child interested and engaged in their care-taking. We’ve become quite enamored with Wild Birds Unlimited’ line of novelty bird feeders. Their whimsical collection of specially shaped bird food cylinders, including Preston the Penguin, Hoot the Owl and Buttons the Snowman, are bound to catch the eye of any budding bird lover. Simply remove the feeders from their packaging, pick an ideal viewing spot for outdoor display and await your backyard visitors. Each cylinder is packed with a variety of seeds and dried fruits like peanuts, black oil sunflower and safflower to attract the most discriminating diners. Not only will the birds appreciate the sustenance for the cold winter months, but you may wind up cultivating a future orinthologist. Or birds of a feather, as they call them in my family.

    In a Nutshell: Nature becomes front and center for kids with these limited-edition bird feeders in an array of entertaining styles.

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