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    Packing for a vacation with kids is a job in and itself; trying to figure out what will fit in your luggage is one thing. But if you’ve got young kids, you also have to set aside some room for their favorite toys, especially for those rainy, indoor play days (we’ve had more of those than I care to remember!). Whatever toy we are taking along, I want to make sure it’s worth its weight: a toy that can stand up to wear and tear, offer hours of play and, for a refreshing change of pace, one that is powered by imagination, not batteries. Diggin Active’s new BoxSets line is just what every traveling parent is looking for. These carryall playsets, available as a castle or dollhouse, contain all of the basics for inspiring creative, young minds. We relish the details on these wooden sets, from the castle’s movable catapult, to the dollhouse outdoor swing. What’s even better is that BoxSets lend themselves to multiple players of different ages–and that means fewer toys to pack. When playtime is over, all of the accessories and figures fit nicely inside and the carrying handle makes for easy transport. Now if we could get our kids to carry their own stuff, that would really make for a great vacation (sigh…)

    In a Nutshell: Playtime on the go just got a whole lot easier, thanks to these well-constructed, portable playsets. Check-in time: now.

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