• backpack basics: leapfrog get ready for kindergarten

    I can hardly believe that in another year, my younger daughter will be starting kindergarten. It feels like only yesterday that my older girl was boarding the bus for the first time, and now she’s about to enter third grade! Because the little one likes to follow in her big sister’s footsteps (or at least, some of those steps!), she loves playing school even when she’s not in the classroom. I knew then that my preschooler would just eat up Get Ready for Kindergarten, the latest book in the LeapFrog Tag Reading System. If you’re not familiar with this electronic learning tool, it’s essentially a “smart” pen reader that works by touching the page to launch interactive games, reading exercises and other fun-filled activities. We were recently given a review copy of the kindergarten Tag book, which my 4-year-old happily put to the test. Teeming with reading, math and even science activities, the latest book in the Tag learning library did not disappoint. Starting with ABC Snack Time, my daughter followed along as she was prompted with questions about letter sounds in a fridge full of whimsical foods, from broccoli in boots to a teeth-chattering ice cream cone. Next it was on to “The Vowel Show,” a bit trickier for a preschooler just feeling comfortable with her ABCs. What I liked was the fact that she could choose to be challenged and I could lend a helping hand, or stick with what she already knows for independent play (reinforcement and repetition is perfect for this age). Like the other Tag titles, Get Ready for Kindergarten helps set the stage for learning the basics, while letting kids take the lead. If you have a child who loves to learn or, as my grandmother used to put it, “is hungry for knowledge,” then this new book will surely satisfy her appetite.

    In a Nutshell: Kindergarten-bound tots who love a good game (and do we love the ones cleverly disguised as educational!) will eat up the newest title in the Tag Reading System. Also ideal for on-the-go learning for summer road trips.

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