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    Baby-soft skin…it’s something I was fortunate to have through much of my childhood. When I was little, my dad used to reach over and playfully rub my cheeks. By the time I became a teenager, this small gesture became mildly embarrassing. But now that I’m a mom, I find myself doing the same thing to my daughters. Their unblemished, tender faces are a thing of beauty, something that makes wish that I could freeze this moment and keep them little forever. Well, since time won’t be standing still for this daydreaming mom, at least I can keep my girls’ skin in top condition. BabySpa‘s new collection of natural skincare is specially formulated to work for different ages and stages, since your kid’s skin changes as she grows. From Tearless Baby Shampoo, to Moisturizing Body Lotion, each product offers the added benefits of pampering young skin through age 4. We test drove the body lotion and loved its refreshing scent and smooth texture. Its aloe and sweet almond oil ingredients make for a thirst-quenching, protective balm for extra-dry skin. We used this citrus-smelling lotion right after bath time, but it also works well in the a.m. or for a little post-nap pick-me-up. And since the hot summer sun can also dry out sun-exposed skin, BabySpa’s lotion will come in handy after a day at the beach.

    In a Nutshell: Newborn skin may not last forever, but with this high-end line of natural skincare for babies and preschoolers, you can treat your child’s with tender loving care.


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