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    Today I am recovering from Mohs surgery. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a dermatological procedure that removes cancerous skin cells. Having been blessed (or shall we say “cursed”?) with a Irish complexion, it’s my second time I’ve had this procedure in five years, and one I hope my own fair-skinned daughters will not have to experience. Sunscreen usage wasn’t nearly as prevalent when I was growing up as it is today; we spent our childhoods blissfully ignorant of the sun’s harmful rays. And while I remembering my mom slathering me with that infamous Coppertone scent, there were clearly times when we missed a spot or two, or endured a painful burn after failing to reapply lotion after a long day of sun and surf. Because of my own experience, I am particularly mindful of protecting my girls’ skin when we head out for a day at the beach. As much as they protest about having to stand still for “sooo longgg,” I’d much rather them learn early on about the importance of adequate protection–instead of having to learn the hard way. Because it’s never too soon to start using sunscreen, I’m hoping more moms will add sunblock to their diaper bags when heading out to beach or park this coming season. One particular brand to consider is the new Green Babies zinc oxide sunscreen. Featuring a broad spectrum SPF 30, this water-resistant lotion is safe for babies ages 6 months and up, and is PABA-free. Whether you choose the unscented version or the one enhanced with tangerine essential oil, you’ll love how it goes on smooth and doesn’t leave behind that greasy feeling that many brands seem to do. Because it’s formulated to work on tender kid skin, as well as tough grown-up bodies, it means one less bottle to pack. And a sunburn-free day can really feel like a day at the beach after all.

    In a Nutshell: Since May marks National Melonoma/Skin Cancer Awareness month, make it a smart summer by stocking up on sunscreen that works for everyone in your family.

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    1. Ted

      Don’t forget another important area to protect- the eyes!!! Kids get half of retinal damage from the sun by age 18, so you have to put “sunscreen” or protection on their eyes. If you want to do it in style…check out Babiators. They’re awesome.

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