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    There’s nothing worse than hearing your baby cry; to this day, I still can’t bear the sounds of my kids in distress. Maybe it’s the way my brain is wired, as I hear from other moms who complain that their husbands can successfully tune out the tears. No matter who jumps up first to tend to a inconsolable kid in the middle of the night, it only takes a short time as a parent to know that those sounds of distress are often the result of a fever. If you’re lucky enough to have a baby who takes her infant drops willing, then you’re lucky enough. We had one of those, and mistakenly thought that’s how all babies should be. Not the case with Kid #2. Even Mary Poppins and her spoonful of sugar couldn’t make the medicine go down for this little girl; it practically required a two-person operation to hold her down to administer the meds. Battles like these shouldn’t be necessary and fortunately, now they don’t have to be. FeverAll, a new acetaminophen suppository, to the rescue. Let’s face it: no one wants to have to go that route when their kid is a sick. But, if you have a baby who won’t stop fussing or who continues to spit up her drops, or even an older child who might be vomiting, this medicine will seem like a godsend. Because the Infants’ Strength version is deemed safe for babies ages 6 months and up, it’s ideal to add to your medicine cabinet. Trust us,  they’ll be plenty of other parenting struggles down the road for you to master.

    In a Nutshell: Fight a fever quickly and without hesitation with this easily administered suppository for babies and children up to age 12.

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