• tub treasures: bathblocks

    We’ve seen our fair share of bath toys over the past 7 years. From waterproof books and foam letters, to squirters and squeaky animals, my girls have had no shortage of tubtime amusement. But when you take a classic construction toy and adapt it for the bath, you know you’ve found yourselves a keeper. We recently got our hands on a set of BathBlocks Ball Run Set, and my 7-year-old was treated to a water-friendly version of Marble Run that she couldn’t get enough of. This 21-piece set contains tons of lightweight construction materials that not only float, but can stick to the walls when moistened. The colorful blocks came in a variety of shapes and sizes that she could assemble any which way she pleased. Whether it was a tall tower that connected to a bridge to create a cascading waterfall, or a more simple construct that resulted in a ball dropping into a hole, these blocks stood up to the play I was looking for: the kind that doesn’t command kids which button to push for a specified result. Instead, she just had a ball (literally and figuratively) making a series of imaginative structures that were completely of her own making. When her 3-year-old sister joined the bath, I was eager to see if these blocks would capture her attention as much as they had with her sister. Much to my delight, she found her own way of playing with them, including stacking them high and sorting them into a pattern of different colors. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy convincing my girls to get out of the tub that night, but it was worth it to see them enjoy a new style of water play.

    In a Nutshell: When it comes to tubtime play, BathBlocks really float our boat. They toys offer tons of open-ended entertainment and are ideal for older and younger kids alike.


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