• let me entertain you: tiny love crib mobile

    My sister’s co-worker just had her baby shower, and judging by the number of gifts she received, this is bound to be one well-stocked nursery. Hard to believe that among the four (yup, you heard that right) car seats, a myriad of adorable outfits and a chandelier (!) for the nursery, she did not score a crib mobile. Because only a new mom knows just how much time newborns spend (hopefully!) sleeping, it’s ideal to provide them with a little stimulation when they’re awake, especially if they’re content to stay in their crib for a little while longer. Tiny Love’s brand-new-to-stores Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile is the perfect way to wile away the hours (okay, minutes) that your little one can spend happily kicking away. Three smiling, little friends twist and turn overhead, as gentle melodies play in time to their movement. Since we know how quickly we can tire from hearing the same three songs over and over, you’ll appreciate the fact that your little one will be treated to a selection of eighteen different lullabies for up to 40 minutes. Musical mommies with varied tastes can choose from jazz, classical and other favorite genres (sorry, no Adele here). Even after your baby has outgrown the mobile, you can detach it from the crib and keep the music box for her continued listening pleasure. Isn’t the greatest sound a cooing little person?…

    In a Nutshell: Your baby’s crib is not complete with a mobile that offers plenty of delightful melodies, without the repetition that can drive even the sanest mom a little batty.

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