• snow cool: design your own snow woman

    When it comes to snowmen, why is it that the guys should have all the fun? In a male-dominated world, we ladies can sometimes get a little tired of the men getting all the attention–and that includes snowmen. It is Crystal, not Frosty, that’s one of my favorite lesser-known Christmas characters (blink and you might have missed her in “Frosty’s Winter Wonderland” and “Frosty and Rudolph’s Christmas in July.”) After all, it’s Crystal that helps Frosty keep it together when the going gets tough. And let’s not forget those cute snowball kids she mothers; if it weren’t for them, future generations of Frosty might never be. So, this holiday season, we’re favoring the Design Your Own Snow Woman kit. Part of WallCandy’s winter wall decal assortment, you can bring a winter wonderland indoors even when the weather won’t cooperate.  Kids can dress up their larger-than-life lady in her winter finery, like an adorable plaid wrap and matching beret; with over 30 different accessories, Crystal would surely be envious. And since it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, you can peel, stick and start all over again. No matter how you dress your snow woman, Frosty’s heart is sure to melt.

    In a Nutshell: Put away the top hat and ho-hum scarf, and add some character to your holiday decor with a snow woman that will make Frosty shudder with delight.

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