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    I don’t care if my daughter is closer to 4 than 3 years old; I’m not ready to part with her stroller just yet. A trusty, solid ride, her Maclaren Volo goes wherever we go, and has lasted us 7 1/2 years…and counting. While this stroller has seen its fair share of country roads, sandy beaches and other landscapes, it’s naturally had a few bumps and bruises along the way. If your pocketbook tells you that you’ll be hanging onto your own set of kiddie wheels for a while, it helps to maintain the look and feel of a sweet ride. Apparently, the folks at BuggyLOVE had this in mind when they created their line of organic stroller cleaning products. Whether the culprit is dried spit-up, caked-on formula or grimy sidewalk residue, this sweet-smelling kit is tough on stains, but gentle on little noses. Making a diaper change on the fly? Spray down your stroller seat with FreshLOVE and prove that poop can, indeed, smell like roses. FabricLOVE takes the sting out of stained stroller seats with a clementine-scented spot remover spray (if my 3-year-old could eat this stuff, believe me, she would). For the squeaky wheel who always gets the grease, there’s WheelLOVE and finally, PolishLOVE to keep them looking (and smelling) like new.

    In a Nutshell: Take good care of your ever-trusty stroller with these natural cleaning products, and chances are you won’t need to replace it until the last baby is all grown up.

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