• down under snuggling: wallaroo bundle

    One of the most useful, unexpected baby gifts I received was a baby footmuff. I don’t recall the brand or name, but I do remember taking one look at this strange contraption and thinking, “Yeah, right. I don’t think I’ll be taking that out of the box anytime soon…” Little did I know that when my daughter’s first winter arrived, I’d be struggling to fit her puffy coat inside her car seat straps day after day. I imagine wrestling a crocodile was easier than this! After many failed attempts at getting her in her seat without any tears, I had a lightbulb moment and quickly ran upstairs to unpack that suddenly practical present. This is genius, I thought, as I carefully stripped off her bulky coat, zipped her upside in the footmuff and topped her off with a pom-pom hat. Voila! Baby is bundled, and not a tear in sight. So naturally, when I came upon the newest baby product in this space, I nearly shed a tear myself (one of happy memories, that is). The name alone, the Wallaroo Bundle, conjures up images of a baby kangaroo, all safe and warm in her mama’s pouch. A smart alternative to a traditional blanket, this fleece baby cover works inside most strollers and car seats. Just pull the drawstring cord to secure a comfortable fit. No more wiggly, cold toes peeking out. What’s more, you can also add the Wallaroo Bundle as a layer to your front carrier and wear it–something we haven’t seen before. It’s the perfect excuse to snuggle close with your little one…as if you needed any reason.

    In a Nutshell: Don’t fuss with a bulky coat and blankets for your baby this winter. Brace the chill with a Wallaroo Bundle, and your baby will be as snuggled as can be.

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