• summer’s last blast

    Whether or not I choose to admit it, summer is officially over. No matter what the calendar says, I refuse to put away my flip flops, suntan lotion and shorts  in case Indian Summer decides to stick around for a while. While our kiddie pool may have been deflated, that doesn’t mean we still can’t savor those last warm weather days and still mild nights with some fun playthings, like FyrFlyz. This is not your average spinning toy, but one that’s cleverly disguised as a mini lights show. If you’re a wizard with a yo-yo, then you’ll want to get your hands on this very hands-on toy. Somewhat difficult to explain, but easy to play, FyrFlyz works by swinging two strings while pulling them tight and then loose. The result is an incredible spinning lights show, within your grasp. The amount of tension (or slack) you create determines the types of tricks you can do. It took a few turns for us to get the hang of it, but once you master this toy, you’ll be able to challenge yourself by learning clever tricks like Spinning Stars, Flywheels and Sun Blasts. We love the special multi-color LED lights effect, which make for an amazing lights show especially out under the stars. Let’s just say that celebrating the last days of the season can be seen in a whole new light.

    In a Nutshell: The fireflies may have already disappeared from your backyard, but that doesn’t mean these FyrFlyz won’t make for some early autumn nighttime fun.

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