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    On a day off from school, my girls and I spent the morning at our favorite destination: the public library. One of the playrooms was converted into a mini theatre, with a makeshift stage–complete with sweeping, velvet curtains!–dress-up clothes and props. I get a kick out of watching these little ladies put on a show, trying to outdo the other one’s dramatics. But what I find most refreshing is watching them enjoy some good, old-fashioned play–away from the gaming consoles and other battery-powered toys that seem to deplete their energy faster than I can keep up with. Watching my kids use their imaginations reminds me that they are still young and that the days of make-believe are numbered. It’s why I’m always on the lookout for toys that harken back to a simpler time, but with a modern twist. Fostering that type of pretend play is the new¬† Hello Paper Dolls line, a well-constructed collection of classic dolls that sports a contemporary look. Each kit includes a generously sized 6-inch princess, royal pooch, two sheets of punch-out clothes, one sheet of accessories and a stencil, so stylish girls can customize their own designer doll. Not to worry if your kid isn’t into princesses (like my 7-year-old); these dolls have a look that’s all their own. They’re not exactly your mother’s paper dolls, but the concept is the similar–and the fashion is so much more hip! My resident divas may be singing like Gaga, but they’re still just my little girls. Here’s to make childhood last a little bit longer…

    In a Nutshell: Paper dolls are no longer passe with these adorable dress-up sets that let little girls be little girls–and stay that way (for now, anyway).

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