• gross-out good time

    There comes a certain time during childhood when kids suddenly love the idea of being grossed out. When I was in third grade, if a boy touched you, you suddenly “got COOTIES!” Although we squealed and screamed at our male classmates, we secretly loved the attention (even if we didn’t realize it). No wonder then that a new collectible toy dubbed ICKEE Stikeez has such broad appeal. Joining the latest trend in miniature vending machine-sized playthings, these characters are getting lots of attention for their yuck factor. Aside from loving the name alone (say it aloud and you’ll see for yourself), kids love that these portable pals can find a place wherever they can stick: an iPod, lunchbox or locker. Plus, they travel light and come in their own see-through capsule, making them a cool companion for the bus ride. As a “grown-up,” you’ll appreciate the play-on-words-inspired humor behind their individual monikers: Dandriff, who’s a bit of a flake, and Yux, who hangs out behind the fridge. And no toy worth its salt without boasting silly sound effects; these suction cupped guys make a popping noise when you release them. Now that’s cool!

    In a Nutshell: Move over, Squinkies. ICKEE Stikeez, the latest collectible toy, has hit the streets with plenty of gross-out appeal for boys and girls.

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