• My 3-year-old tries to be like her big sister in so many ways. She mimics what she says and how she says it, she sings the same songs (eat your heart out, Katy Perry) and she so desperately wants to join her in playing Wii. Sadly, yoga and go kart racing doesn’t exactly appeal to the average preschooler, so she has been forced to watch her sister and dad from the sidelines…until now, that is. We recently got our furry paws on a copy of Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover!, a video game for the Wii and Nintendo DS, and let’s just say she has found her idea of true blue heaven. Right off the bat, the ultra plush remove cover in the likeness of the lovable furry monster is especially designed to keep little digits focused on the game play, and not distracted by which button to push when. The message of developing eating healthy may be a tough pill for Cookie Monster-loving kids to swallow, but the game play itself is so much fun, kids may not even realize they’re absorbing this idea. My two daughters both had a blast moving their bodies as they helped monsters drop good-for-you food into their bowls as it was being hurled toward them. Factoids about how drinking milk is good for your teeth and bones are added in for flavor, making these teachable moments. Our best laugh-out-loud experience? When Elmo flew through the air towards us, that he practically landed in our family room. After all, belly laughter is good for digestion, too.

    In a Nutshell: Little ones can join in on the fun of console video games at a speed and style that’s all their own.

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