• the sun’ll come out

    It should not be allowed to rain on vacation, especially when you’re in a coastal town with 2 young kids. We’re more than half-way through our annual family vacation trek to New England–this time in the Gloucester, Mass. area–and the last 2 days have been wash-outs. We managed to pass the time yesterday by taking in a kid movie (Cars 2) and then heading to our favorite stop at the Christmas Tree Shops (there’s one not far from where we live, but it just doesn’t compare to the variety in this neck of the woods). But when we awoke today to find more stormy skies, the girls’ enthusiasm¬† began to wear thin–and rightfully so. We had picked a spot that isn’t too far from the beach, but the only waves we’ve managed to see have been from the car windows. Oh, we’ve done the requisite indoor crafts and games that are rainy day staples, but you can’t help but feel a bit cheated out by a seaside experience when it’s been anything but beach weather. Probably one of the more frustrating parts is that aside from a few sporadic showery days, our summer has mainly been a very dry one…until this week, of course. My little thrill is that I remembered to pack both girls’ raincoats, which we have put to good use these past couple of days. Wait, what’s that I see? The proverbial sun peeking through the clouds! All hope is not lost after all. I jump on weather.com and discover that, lucky for us, we’ll have sunny skies tomorrow. Carpe diem! Excuse me while I go find my sunscreen.

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