• that sinking feeling

    Sometimes the best-laid plans just don’t work out. It’s the 2nd to last week of camp, and my 7-year-old has only had swimming lessons about half of the time. Granted the camp is town-run and I didn’t shell out the big bucks for a private program, but I have to admit I’m more than a little disappointed that she hasn’t had much of an opportunity to learn how to swim. Did I mention the camp happens to be held at a beach? When the tide is low, lessons are off because it’s too shallow to swim. I can understand taking that precaution, but why not flip-flop the afternoon’s free swim session with a.m. lessons on those days? This week when the tide’s been right, a lifeguard has been out sick or unavailable, so lessons are put off once again. It’s especially frustrating because my daughter is finally ready, after two years of being fearful of putting a toe in the water. People I know say I should have just signed her up for lessons at Safety Swim or one of the other pool schools, but having been born and raised on Long Island, I was hoping to cultivate a beach-loving swimmer like I became. Well, suffice it to say, you get what you pay for. And next year, I’ll have to do my homework before the summer camp season kicks off.

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