• smile for the angry birdie

    Yesterday I was shopping at a toy store on Long Island’s North Shore when I came face to face with some rather irate creatures. It was a window display filled with Angry Birds stuffed animals, keychains and other merchandise inspired by the well-known video game. My 7-year-old, of course, was in heaven, and my 3-year-old was waving–or should I say, “flapping?”–her arms wildly, much like a little bird herself. I can’t deny this trend any longer, even if I don’t admit to playing the game myself. And while these birds have soared beyond the handheld remote and into toy stores, they’re now joining the baby world with their own new arrival: SwaddleDesigns’ Angry Birds Ultimate Receiving Blanket. This gift is sure to delight new parents who are avid game players and first-time moms determined not to leave their pre-baby identities behind, not to mention those who just want their newborn to be blanketed in the softest cotton flannel. Product won’t begin shipping until October, but if you pre-order $50 or more of SwaddleDesigns’ merchandise now , you’ll receive an Angry Birds plush toy with your order.

    In a Nutshell: Like a mother bird who instinctively knows how to feather her nest comes an of-the-moment baby gift that’s bound to find a home in the modern nursery.


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