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    Getting my daughter to write thank you notes isn’t an easy feat and from what I hear, it only gets more challenging with age. But short of bribing her–hey, I had to write my fair share of thank yous when I was a kid, and we just did what we were told–I wondered if there wasn’t a way to make this chore a little less arduous. Well, score one for Smens scented pens. These are the grown-up cousin of Smencils, an equally refreshing line of colored pencils that make practicing ABCs a treat for little noses. Each pack contains 10 uniquely named pens with cool monikers like Aloha¬† and Banana Fo Fana. We can’t decide what we like best about Smens: the fact that they are made from recycled newspaper, or that they are individually wrapped in their own biodegradable plastic tube. Eco-friendliness aside, when it come to expressing thanks for that bathrobe from Grandma, the nose knows…

    In a Nutshell: Say “Aloha” to a writing instrument that’s a real treat for the senses. We smell a hit with Smens.

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