• On a humid and sticky day, I know the last thing my bike-riding daughter wants is a “hot hat,” as she puts it, but we insist that she wear her helmet…or else. Donning a helmet while biking is no laughing matter, but as is true for many of those trying parenting moments, a little humor can make a big difference. Perhaps this was the thinking behind the creatively designed bike helmets from Raskullz (the name alone is worth a smile). Their 3-D helmets, sporting a motley crew of wacky characters, are probably the coolest thing in head gear we’ve seen in a long time. Be it the Go-Rilla, Shark Attax or Brainy Bunny (shown here), each helmet is made from a soft rubber material that’s as comfortable as it is fun to wear. Now, when it’s time to go for a spin around the block, your kid may actually grab his helmet before you have to beg and plead with him to do so. Just put that energy in reserve for the next parenting battle…like no screen time until your room is clean!

    In a Nutshell: Summertime means safety on the sidewalks and the streets. With these whimsical bike helmets on your child’s head, safe biking becomes a no-brainer.

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