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    Trying to carry a baby bundle around with you is never an easy feat. I remember when I took my newborn daughter out to grocery shop for the first time, with my older daughter in tow. After I thought I had given up that baby weight after childbirth, only to be lugging her around in a front carrier, I knew we would have a bit of a sweaty struggle as the spring days turned into summer. Now moms toting their baby with them in those sticky, humid days ahead of us need not worry. The Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier relieves that feeling of being too hot to handle, thanks to its breathable part-mesh, part-cotton fabric. It’s a combo carrier/sling with a double-loop design, so your baby’s weight is evenly distributed. Made from materials that are both dye-free and chemical-free, this carrier feels just right next to your little one’s newborn skin.

    In a Nutshell: When the warm weather hits and you want to keep your little one close, don’t break out in a sweat. Here’s a carrier that will help you keep your cool.

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