• who drives the bus?

    My 2-year-old has a thing for school buses. Whenever we pass one on the road, she wonders aloud where it could be going. And when we drive past her older sister’s school, she is enthralled by the parade of yellow vehicles, all lined up and awaiting their passengers. I find it amusing since the bus often comes into conversation in our household–as in “who’s driving the bus?” when referring to a demanding toddler who professes to be in charge of all our comings and goings. It’s no wonder then that she’s big on school bus pretend play, and why the Weebles on the Bus Playset makes her feel right at home. If you grew up with the Weebles, you’ll really like this brand-new-for-spring vehicle whose passengers so resemble the Weebles of our youth. (These characters have changed in look and design over the years, but this time they’re back to their see-through selves.) As they ride along, they bump up and down–much like the infamous “Wheels on the Bus” song. Push the spinner on top and they twirl in their seats–pure delight to a toddler who dreams of someday riding in a real bus. Maybe the real reason it’s a  favorite is the power trip: My daughter can indeed drive this bus…just not mine.

    In a Nutshell: Take a ride down memory lane with the Weebles’ school bus, and your child at the wheel. Beware of aggressive drivers.

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