• the scoop on poop

    The mere thought of potty training brings me down. If I wanted to spend my time cleaning up messy, little piles of do-do, I’d have gotten a dog. And yet I’ve successfully mastered this feat with my older daughter, so doesn’t that make me a pro? Nevertheless, it’s something all moms must roll up their sleeves (really) and teach their kids, and one that I’ll be taking on later this spring. Until then, we’re having a blast “experimenting” with Dino Poop, modeling clay inspired by TV’s “Dinosaur Train” that lets kids investigate exactly what makes up a dinosaur’s diet. This brown ball of poop-like dough comes with bone and plant pieces that kids simply press into the clay to create fossil imprints. Was your T-Rex ravenous and devoured an entire school of fish? Or did he just settle for a light lunch of leafy greens? It’s a clever way of jump-starting little ones on science as they learn the difference between a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. What’s that? You learned something, too? We love a toy that spans generations with an education in prehistoric poop. Time to go dust off the potty seat…

    In a Nutshell: All pooped out? Here’s how to have a little fun with your kid before you go back to tackling the bigger stuff.

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