• you oughta be in pictures

    Babies are no stranger to the camera (how many photos have you snapped of your little one to date? Care to venture a guess?), so it’s awfully sweet to watch them come out from the face of the camera and go behind the lens. Maybe that’s why we find the re-release of the Fisher-Price Classics Changeable Disks Camera so endearing. The rotating flash cube (remember those?) is especially nostalgic, as is the shutter button–words that are most likely not part of today’s preschool vocabulary. With your help, kids can swap out the camera’s picture disks to take a closer look at nursery rhymes, a trip to the city, Goldilocks and the Three Bears or Animals and Their Babies. Let them click over to the next picture by pressing the shutter button and voila! They’ll feel like they’re the next Annie Leibovitz…or, at the very least, an amateur photographer.

    In a Nutshell: Say cheese! Your little shutterbug will love playing photographer with this oldie but goodie from yesterday’s toy chest.

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