• wasabi (and wipes) to go

    Practically every Saturday night is takeout Japanese in my family. What started out as a convenient way of grabbing dinner on my way home has developed into a tradition that we’ve come to relish. The fact that my 2-year-old is learning to use my chopsticks and that my 6-year-old knows her sushi from her sashimi is something we can be proud of–really. Perhaps it’s my love for Japanese food that prompted me to take a closer look at the Bento ultimate diaper bag. There aren’t too many other bags that I’ve seen with their own Bento box for keeps baby foods and snacksĀ  mess-free in their own separate containers. An insulated cooler bag and freezer pack keep a stash of grapes cool…so you can keep your cool when little hunger pangs strike. Plenty of pockets means ample space for wipes, diapers and all those other on-the-go necessities. And using the Shuttle Clips, you can strap this bay right onto your stroller’s handle bars and away you go! (I don’t know about you, but I’m off to pick up some shumai…yum yum!)

    In a Nutshell: Got a diaper bag that’s not proving its worth? Say “sayonara” and pick up the Bento bag instead.

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