• positively playful

    I remember fondly the days my little one played in her ExerSaucer. An extremely active baby who didn’t like to sit still for very long, she wasn’t one to sit on a playmat and play with blocks, even for a few minutes so I could fold some laundry.  She finally met her match once we invested in an ExerSaucer: a contained space where she could play and be on her feet at the same time..and I could actually get through a load of whites! And if she were a baby today, boy would she be in heaven with the latest incarnation, the ExerSaucer Jump & Learn. Now with up to 55 activities to keep your little one entertained, this model lets her jump, spin and bounce like usual…but with more choices. And now there’s an arch of toys overhead for your baby to bat at for a change of pace. More toys can only equal more fun…and maybe even a few moments of mommy alone time.

    In a Nutshell: This isn’t your older kid’s ExerSaucer. With plenty of developmental activities to keep her amused, it’s time to upgrade to this new model.


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