• to sleep, perchance…

    Does it feel like you’ll never sleep again? If you’re a new parent, you know that feeling all too well, unfortunately. Forget money; sleep deprivation is the root of all evil. You’re short tempered, can hardly remember how to brush your teeth (that is, if you get around to brushing your teeth) and oh, did we mention you snap easily? Fear no more…help is on the way. Smooth Parenting, an NYC-based sleep consultancy, is offering a FREE teleclass to help your baby–and you–get some shuteye. Mark your calendar for Thursday, September 16 at 7:30 pm EST and find out the 7 strategies for helping your little one sleep/nap without having to cry it out. To register, click on the Smooth Parenting link.

    In a Nutshell: Ferber not your friend? Give this class a shot and be sleepless no longer. And hey, if you wind up taking the class, drop a line to The Talking Walnut and tell us how it went.

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