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    If you or someone you know has had a baby in the last decade, you probably owned a Gymini. Name ring a bell, but you can’t quite picture the product? It was a colorful playmat with an arch of toys that kept your not-yet-mobile little one occupied in one spot. I remember when my daughter couldn’t yet “roll over” (why did it sound like she was a dog?)…the Gymini was her favorite place to lay around and coo and bat at her little toys. But once she was able to sit up,  the days of the playmat were over. Lucky for today’s kids (and moms), they don’t have to outgrow  the Gymini concept so quickly. Tiny Love’s Gymini Bouncer replicates that same playtime experience for older babies with a comfortable seat and activity arch. What’s different about this bouncer is that the toys slide up and down (instead of side to side), so your little one can truly flex his muscles. We like that the arches are positioned on the sides of the bouncer seat, so we can lift her out–and gaze into those baby blues–without any obstruction.

    In a Nutshell: Graduating from one Gymini to the next helps the fun last even longer for your little one.

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