• double duty diapers

    How utterly frustrating it can be to clad a baby in her swim diaper, only to to have a blow-out in the water! I’ve never been a huge fan of disposable swim diapers to begin with. My older daughter always managed to…ahem, “fill” her diaper precisely when we were at the beach. How I couldn’t wait to until it was time to change her, so I could wrestle with the tab-less sides and pull down her diaper while all of its contents spilled out. Not a pretty sight! What an ingenious idea to create an all-in-one swim diaper bathing suit! Bambino Mio Swimsuit Nappies have elasticized leg cuffs that offer a snug fit to prevent any possible “spillage.” The best part is that you don’t need a bulky diaper anymore; this suit is washable and reusable, eliminating the need for costly swim diapers.

    In a Nutshell: Get into the swim of things with this swimsuit and built-in diaper, and you’re bound to have a real day at the beach with your little one.

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