• a present for the little prince: the spunky stork romper of the month club

    Happy 1st Birthday, Prince George. Watching this royal cutie change and grow over the last 12 months has been a treat for all of here in the States. I personally love to see what he’s wearing, given how stylish and well put-together his beautiful mum is. But I can’t help but wonder: Once little George is back at home in the nursery and out of the public eye, just how dashing are his onesies? Most moms know how many of these babies go through in one day alone. Stocking up on this baby essential is not only necessary, but it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Of course, like any parent knows, it never hurts to have a sense of humor, and that means having fun with your little one’s wardrobe. Gift givers looking for something fun, yet functional for a new baby should take note of The Spunky Stork’s Romper of the Month Club. Each month, you’ll be asked to select a particular onesie design for your intended gift recipient, along with their size, and it arrives in a few days. It’s a practical, yet fun way to make sure your favorite baby is well-dressed (and a great excuse to toss those spit-up stained rompers). Choose from any number of witty sayings (“as seen on ultra sound”) to fun prints (imagine the future King of England wearing a–gasp!–Eiffel Tower romper?). And since babies seem to grow awfully fast, you can update your order with the right size each month. Now that’s cause for celebration.

    In a Nutshell: A baby gift that keeps on giving, and that’s fit for a future king. Sign us up.


    Romper of the Month Club

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