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    My 6-year-old has her annual check-up in a few weeks, and I know it’ll be hellish. Forget the nurse telling her that checking her blood pressure is like “getting a hug;” she’s too smart for that. And to this day, taking her temperature is still a big deal that requires a 5-minute explanation (and still she’s not buying it). Maybe that why I’m in awe over the Safety 1st ProGrade No Touch Thermometer, a minimally invasive medicine cabinet must-have. It doesn’t have to be put in her ear or her backside (heaven forbid–remember those?), but rather above her forehead and it gives a reading in a mere second. How do you know you’re doing it correctly? There’s an indicator that flashes and beeps when the thermometer is positioned correctly. What’s extra special about this model is that it has a life beyond the bedroom and into the kitchen and bathroom. Believe it or not, you can use the No Touch to gauge the temperature of your bath water, formula or food, too.

    In a Nutshell: A multitasking thermometer? Now that’s hot…

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