• I was never a Girl Scout myself, but I’ve heard enough Boy Scout stories from my husband to have the “be prepared” motto firmly etched in my brain. It’s one adage that is fitting for motherhood, at least in my experience. While I’m finally realizing that you can’t possibly foresee accident waiting to happen–it only took me 6 years!–it does help to do all you can in advance. That goes from welcoming a new baby, to planning a kids’ birthday party and all the moments in between. And getting around town with a baby? That’s one daily “adventure” that begs to be simplified, and the new B-READY modular stroller is one that fits the bill. At first glance, this stroller may appear to be like many of the others on the market, but a closer look under the hood proves otherwise. Sure it has all the basics you’re looking for: a 5-point harness system, adjustable recline, sun canopy,etc. But what stroller do you know accommodates a bassinet, a single car seat or even a baby with an older child in 14 possible configurations? Its sheer versatility and ease of use captivated me.  Just check out the YouTube video for yourself. The stroller will be available in July, followed by a new umbrella stroller and a three-wheel model in the fall. Start dropping hints now…

    In a Nutshell: You can’t be 100% ready for every curve ball that motherhood throws your way. But with the B-READY stroller, getting to and from anywhere with your baby in tow can be an uneventful trip.

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