• My husband wouldn’t be caught dead sporting a diaper bag; it’s enough that he remembers to grab a sippy cup when heading out the door with the kids (I don’t expect miracles, you know…). But if he were to acquiesce and tote a bag, it would most certainly be an Alpha Sherpa. Call it the Cadillac (insert favorite sports car here) of diaper bags, this model truly has it all. The cooler component has ample, protective pockets for storing bottles and cold snacks (yup, even his Pepsi One). Technology-savvy dads will relish the storage sections designated for a laptop, MP3 player and any other “daddy gear” they must have at their disposal. Not forgetting the purpose of this bag, the Alpha Sherpa has plenty of extras for your “other” baby, including a pacifier clip, toy loops and a spacious changing pad. Sorry, Dad, that’s something you just can’t sacrifice.

    In a Nutshell: Let your hubby think he’s not toting an actual diaper bag with this hip model. Save your arguments for more important stuff, like who left the toilet lid up again…


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