• change can be a good thing

    When your baby gets her hands on everything, including the poopy diaper that you happen to be getting her out of, the scene can quickly turn into one that’s not so pretty. The Changing Wrap keeps those wriggly arms and hands in place, enabling you to get your little one into a fresh diaper without worrying about her getting dirty in the process. It slips on and off easily and saves you the aggravation of having to hand your baby toy after toy to keep her occupied. While it may take a little getting use to, this product is especially helpful for extra squirmy babes at home and a must for those public restroom (yuck!) changes.

    In a Nutshell: If the frustration of changing your exploratory baby is getting you down, don’t get dirty. This wrap may warrant an extra step in your diaper changing routine, but depending on your personal threshold, it may be just the mommy trick you’re looking for.

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