• sit up straight

    As I sit here hunched over my computer, I can’t help but hear the parental voice in my head: “Shoulders back. Sit up straight.” Oddly enough, I correct my own 5-year-old’s posture almost daily. So that she and other kids won’t have to go through her formative years as a hunchback, Posture in Style has created an ergonomically designed line of children’s furniture that makes strained necks and achy backs a forgotten memory. Desks and chairs are completely adjustable, and the desktops can tilt to accommodate your child’s shift in focus. The swing-up keyboard trays are especially noteworthy (no carpel tunnel for future adults). And how great is it to change the height of the chair as your child grows. Aside from being practical–no need to buy new furniture for every growth spurt–these pieces are stylish, too. Wish my home office could benefit from these–can we get them in grown-up sizes, too?

    In a Nutshell: Live vicariously through your child with this smartly designed furniture assortment, and save on those chiropractor bills once and for all.

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