• middle school makeover: lockerlookz

    Tomorrow is my newly minted 6th grader’s middle school orientation (gasp!!). That means getting her schedule, figuring out how to get to her classes (in 2 minutes or less!) and checking out her locker. It’s all new territory for the both of us, and while it’s exciting, it’s also a bit nerve-wracking. To take the edge off, we went out shopping for school and stumbled upon the latest in must-have supplies. LockerLookz has an entire line of decor items that turn any boring old receptacle for books and backpacks, into a personalized space that’s uniquely your own. Call it a tween girl’s home away from home, if you will. We were in awe over the sheer number of ways you can outfit your space, from magnetic mirrors and wipe-off boards, to wallpaper, plush rugs and–get this–chandeliers. We settled on a few low-key items to help spruce up her space without blowing our budget.  This is definitely a fun way to get ready for a new school adventure. If only LockerLookz has been around when I was in middle school!…

    In a Nutshell: Dress up a drab locker with tons of fashionable accessories that will have your kid stylin’ studiously!


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