• porcine with a purpose: wikki stix designer piggy bank

    When my 10-year- old was a baby, she received more piggy banks than we knew what to do with. Seriously, was this some sort of hint that we start saving right away for her college education? Oddly enough, when her younger sister was born 4 years later, no one bestowed her with any means for saving her dollars. So how is that then that she is our resident saver, while her sister likes to spend her bucks right away? But that’s a story for another day…If there’s one thing I noticed, it’s that the idea of giving a a piggybank as a gift is as exciting as getting pajamas on Christmas morning. How do you go about making something practical a little more exciting? We think the Wikki Stix Designer Piggy Bank gets the job done. If you’re not familiar with Wikki Stix, they are wax-covered yarn sticks that kids can bend and twist to create anything from stick figures to flowers. We personally love that they keep kids occupied–and their fingers get to do something besides tapping on a keyboard! Well, now Wikki Stix have upped the ante with a piggy bank that they can personalize. Forget messy markers or glue; kids simply affix them to the pig using their fingers and their designs stay put. Best of way, if they change their minds about how something looks, they can just peel them off and start over. This is one piggy that doesn’t mind getting a makeover…just stay away from muddy puddles.

    In a Nutshell: Kids will go hog wild for a piggy bank they can design and decorate to their heart’s content. Finally, a place where you can bring home the bacon–and keep it there, too.



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