• do these hips lie?

    Pregnancy can do cruel things to the female form: the stretch marks, extra “tummy padding”…and did we mention those hips? After my first daughter was born, I didn’t notice a tremendous change in my figure (hardly an hourglass one to begin with). But after the second girl, whatever beauty I had acquired during those nine months was gone for good. All I had left was a pair of hips that wouldn’t slide into my favorite jeans anymore. Perhaps if I’ve had the HipSlimmer after she was born, I wouldn’t have cursed myself on a daily basis. I recently checked out this post-pregnancy corset at a baby products convention and was admittedly a bit skeptical. Could this lingerie-inspired device truly get women’s hips back to their pre-baby bodies? I wanted to get the scoop. Turns out it’s the hormones that are the culprit; they’re released while you’re pregnant in preparation for childbirth. Once you’ve delivered your not-so-little bundle of joy, and your hips are still malleable (and you’re feeling relatively good), you can wear the HipSlimmer either over your clothes or at night, if you’re especially modest. It’s designed to apply slight pressure to your hips, and ultimately return them to their..ahem “previous condition.”

    In a Nutshell: Wearing the HipSlimmer every day for a couple of months might seem like a big commitment for some, but if your shape means that much to you, make like a Victorian and lace up. You might just be able to get your Calvins back on again…


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