• When I was pregnant with each of my daughters, my husband presented me with a stash of gourmet sodas in unusual flavors: key lime pie, pomegranate and even Shirley Temple (a throwback to my youth when my dad treated me one whenever we went out for dinner). It couldn’t have been more thoughtful…and depressing at the same time. Did I really think I could make it through nine long months without a sip of Chardonnay? Amazingly I did, but not without developing a strong dislike for pineapple-flavored bubbly stuff. If I’d hand my hands on Momosas while I was pregnant, I would have been able to ditch those fruity sodas once and for all. This paperback book is filled with more than 130 non-alcoholic cocktail recipes that are perfect for the expectant mom who’s grown tired of seltzer with a slice of lemon. These creative concoctions range from blender-friendly beverages and sangrias, to lemonades and mocktails that will be the envy of happy hour regulars. Colorful photos are cleverly paired with creative drink names like Boo Boo Berry and The Bump: memorable even for those suffering from mommy brain. Destined to be a bar guide companion for the next nine months, Momosas is required reading for the woman who wants to bask in the glow of her blossoming bump while satisfying her personal thirst. Cheers!

    In a Nutshell: A must-read for the mom-to-be who loves her happy hour just as much as the next woman. Makes for a talked-about baby shower gift.

    Momosas Cover Image

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