• a baby toothbrush with ap-peal


    September 23, 2009UncategorizedNo comments

    Much to my surprise, now is the time to begin brushing my 1-year-old’s teeth. Even though she only has six of them–yep, we’ve been counting–the American Dental Association advises starting good brushing habits at the sign of the first tooth (we’re already behind–gasp!). At a time when everything under the sun is finding its way into my daughter’s mouth anyway, it only makes sense that her first toothbrush be an appetizing one. That’s why I really like the clever design of the Baby Banana Brush from Kushies. The curved handle helps me fit the brush easily into her mouth, while letting me keep her secure. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that my daughter loves bananas. The eye-catching, sunny-yellow design might “appeal” to the more reluctant brusher. What’s also nice is that you can pop this brush into the freezer and pull it out to relieve teething pain.

    In a Nutshell: We’re going bananas for this whimsically shaped brush that gets the job done. Time to order a bunch! Readers who place their order online will receive a 10-percent discount when they use code tw10.

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