• kid biz 101: bizainy summer activity kits

    The ice cream truck has been making its rounds in our neighborhood, signifying the unofficial start of summer. The unmistakable sound of that piped-in music seems to act as a siren call for my 10-year-old, a budding entrepreneur who is eager to drag out a table and chairs and set up a makeshift lemonade stand (thankfully, we have very kindhearted, generous neighbors). Even though she considers herself a seasoned veteran when it comes to selling summertime refreshments, it couldn’t hurt to learn a thing or two about making her business even more successful. If you have a kid destined to flex her entrepreneurial muscles this summer, consider treating her one of themed summer activity kits from Bizainy. Packed with all the essential tools to help kids kick-start their business, each kit is tailored to a specific business model, if you will, that’s designed to get their venture off the ground. We love the Lemonade Stand Activity Kit, which includes banners for kids to customize, a money box, sales pad and even an instructional book for setting a budget, creating a sales strategy and building a marketing campaign. Other kits include the Babysitting Start-up and Charity Bake Sale. Yes, we’re still talking about a kid-based business here; cultivating solid financial habits early on sets the stage for a healthy outlook on money. And that’s something you just can’t put a price on.

    In a Nutshell: Old-fashioned lemonade stands get a modern-day boost with money-making tips for budding businessmen and women.

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