• a brush with bling: smoobee

    These days, it’s hard to find a kids’ product that can’t be personalized. From toothpaste dispensers to potty seats, your child can proudly claim her ownership on just about anything and everything. Some experts are chalking this up to a material-obsessed culture, with anyone and everyone wanting to flaunt their goods, while others think it’s a savvy way to help kids take pride in themselves (and would we go so far as to add take better care of their belongings and pick up after themselves? Yeah, let’s not push it.) No matter the reason behind the trend, we’re firm believers that it’s not only the little ones who need to cultivate a positive self-image, but the more impressionable tween crowd as well. I’m seeing it more and more with my third grader who is becoming more aware of her appearance. Sure, we may still butt heads with her clothing choices on occasion, but I’d like to think that things like personal hygiene and basic grooming shouldn’t be cause for debate. Maybe that’s why new products like Smoobee are resonating with both tween shoppers and their moms. If you have a young daughter, you know how grueling the morning routine can get, especially when it comes to brushing hair. Smoobee is designed to take the agony out of that experience with its snag-free bristles. What’s more, girls can add some style to their brushes with decorative stickers that affix to the wooden handle. Hey, maybe if your daughter makes her Smoobee her own, there will be less of a struggle to comb through those unruly tresses. Helping her with her math homework without WW III breaking out? Good luck with that one…

    In a Nutshell: Get the knots outs with a hip hairbrush that girls can decorate.

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