• sock it to me!

    I can hardly believe how often we lose my 15-month-old’s socks–and that I can’t even blame it on our washer/dryer, which seems responsible for usurping all the grown-up ones in our home! Much to my chagrin, my exploratory toddler has decorated the floor of one too many grocery stores and our local library with her missing socks. Well, we’ll be having no more Cinderella of socks (that’s off, one on) in this house, thanks to Stay With Me socks , which proudly live up to their name. Even the most determined toddler can’t wrestle these stay-put socks off her tootsies; a simple Velcro strap around the ankle keeps them in place, no matter how much your little one tries to remove them. And as your baby’s foot size grows (quicker than you’d like–gasp!), you can adjust the fit accordingly. Stay With Me socks are available in a variety of colors and designs for newborn up to 14 months.

    Once your baby has grown, keeping track of her footwear can still be an issue, plus now you have a person who can vocalize her fashion preferences and her feelings (Does “Mom, my feet are cold…I don’t like these socks!” sound familiar?). Nowali moccasins are the cold feet cure-all that your kids won’t protest wearing. Designed to look more like a sock in a soft shoe, this Swedish moccasin is perfect for padding around the house once shoes have been kicked off for the day. I like that the soft leather non-skid soles work just as well for my sometimes clumsy 5-year-old as they do for my not-yet-walking toddler, both of whom are navigating a part wood floor-part area rug indoor landscape. The fact that they are adorably stylish–designs range from robots to rockets, and monsters to monkeys–is the icing on the cake. Sizes range from 6 mos. to 5 years, and vary by style.

    In a Nutshell: Footwear that’s fun and functional to boot (pun intended) is a wonderful addition to your child’s closet.

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