• early risers, begone!

    Once you’ve passed the milestone of getting your child to sleep through the night, you must contend with the pitter-patter of little footsteps that come in to greet you a lot sooner than you’d like (yes, the words “weekend” and “sleep in” aren’t part of a kid’s vocabulary). If you’ve got an early bird living under your roof, you might try putting the Good Nite Lite in her bedroom. This is a great way to show pre-readers that it’s not quite time to start the day, even if they think otherwise. The lite can pre-set with a wake-up time, almost like a mini alarm clock minus the sound. When it’s time to wake, the face of this nightlight will change from an illuminated moon to a smiling sun–and one that’s not too bright to awaken a still-sleeping tot. There are no numbers to read or remember, so kids who haven’t mastered telling time won’t be at a loss.

    In a Nutshell: Just because the sun’s up doesn’t mean your son–or daughter–needs to be up and out of bed. This clever kid-friendly lite just may buy you a few more precious zzz’s.

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    1. Sharon

      Love the Good Nite Lite. What a great idea for youngsters. I plan on using with my one year old once he gets a bit older!

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